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Builders start protest in Belapur for Anna, end at hypocrisy

In News links on August 22, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Daily News and Analysis

Published: Sunday, Aug 21, 2011, 10:00 IST
By Kishore Rathod | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

They may be the pillars of corruption in India, routinely demanding 50% of the payment in black, but the builder fraternity thinks nothing of coming out on the streets to join Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption.

A delegation of more than 50 developers staged a morcha in Belapur under the banner of Maharashtrian Builders’ Association in Belapur, to voice their support for Anna.

Barely a few hundred metres from the site of the morcha is the major commercial project of one of the leading members of the association, where the first thing the marketing executive tells potential buyers is that 50% of the payment will have to be made in black.

Prakash Baviskar, co-chairperson, Maharashtrian Builders’ Association, justifies the double-standards. “Taking payment in black and supporting Anna’s cause are two different issues,” said Baviskar. He explains that builders first have to pay farmers and land owners in black to save the ‘poor’ people from heavy taxes and then, they have to accept payments in black to rightfully exempt themselves from taxes.

“The rate of income tax is 30% and our profit is just 15%. If we receive the entire amount in white, we will have to put money out of our pocket to execute projects,” Baviskar said.

Buyers, of course, are not impressed by the argument.

“After being the biggest perpetrators of corruption, when builders are giving sound bytes against corruption, it not only sullies Anna’s cause, but also rubs salt in the wounds of home buyers,” said local resident Hitesh Shetty.

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