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Team Anna Blocked the People from Questioning the Fountainhead of Corruption…"Capital" – A Facebook note by Sushantha Roy

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Team Anna Successfully Blocked the People from Questioning the Fountainhead of Corruption…”Capital”.

I have been thinking about this for days & cannot finally brush it off as idle speculation. The entire Anna movement seems to have been designed to mortally weaken the govt ( as in the people’s rule ) & pave the way for the gradual take over of governance & the nation by the pvt sector. The just public anger against corruption was hijacked by team Anna & the opportunity used to embed this in the people’s mind. They derided the election process, insulted & accused all parties, which no honest man wd do, mocked the parliament process, claimed the legitimacy of the mob, nowhere close to the nos that constitute a majority & tried to claim victory of their methods over the democratic ones. The people want to rid the governance process & society of corruption & tyranny, not rid the process itself. Team Anna successfully blocked the people from questioning the fountainhead of corruption, the corporations, the pvt sector, “Capital”.

Is it a oversight? I think impossible, considering that NGOs too are glaringly protected. Heap on that connections to the Sangh, Ford Foundation, etc & there emerges a pattern which cannot be dismissed as mere speculation.” All Indian govts & parties (even the left is not spared) are corrupt & this needs to be destroyed for ever”. How? Thru a Jan Lokpal bill. It is not accidental that this team wanted a bill which creates a 4th pillar which subsumes all the other 3 pillars, the executive, bureaucracy & the judiciary. A huge monolith, with lakhs of employees which has all possible powers over everybody else with power in our republic, from the smallest govt employee to the PM, the CMs, the chief justices!! Lets look back at modern history & see what this means. Such an organisation has always been set up by all powerful dictators after they have taken over a country. In this case we see an organisation being suggested to be set up which can bring in one?? Is this mere over-enthusiasm of the few most honest souls of the times?? I think not.

The state ( people’s govt) has been systematically, since independence, weakened, impoverished & bought over by the rich, ie., capital. Even left govts have been made to appeal to pvt capital. They have had active help from the mainstream political parties, be it the Cong, BJP, the regional parties, including their best minds, in this overthrow of govt. Of course, they have taken their pound of flesh by joining the ranks of the super-rich. The main political class, without distinction, have been co-opted into the richest class & to actively own the objectives of this class. Its no longer a bargain, they are on the same side of the table, fashioning out a world ruthlessly based on their interests. Its a perfect ‘Mafia” now.

Whats interesting is that this very mafia argues both sides, creates the issues, supports the Annas, imprisons him, makes him a hero, then gives it coverage, till all voices questioning its legitimacy is blanked out of public consciousness, in short, as a class, in complete control. It ensures that the legitimate fighter of this system, the left, the poor is left out. Is this accidental or even new? Not so.

Post WW-2, the US, clearly understanding the changing paradigm after that Pyrrhic war & the explosion of scientific thought, knew that imperialism has to be given a new form. The days of its brutal visage plowing thru the lives of the majority was over. It then, with the help of the old & wise Europe, fashioned its own opposition in the form of post-modernism. It sought to create a myth of universalisation of power, the infallible nature of law & democratic processes & urged people, “civil society” to come forward & fight for rights! No revolution by the left was necessary. The pvt citizen alongwith the pvt sector cd provide the best society for our race & the govt sd go small & finally disappear! The universal people’s fight has been fractured or frustrated, wealth & power is again concentrated in a few hands, like old times & finally the middle-class has been bought over from the left, suitably fattened to be non-liberal.” Globalisation” has replaced the ” International” & ownership of capital instead of going to the people has bought them over thru the stock-market & the mirage of the American dream!

Isnt this already the case in India? Intellectuals now fight for the rights of the big “bribe giver” & wants govt to end. The govt has already been made to lose its capability to create production assets. All the anti-people reforms, with more in pipeline,the 2nd & the 3rd..has been legitimised, more so, post Anna; if there is no govt , there wd be no corruption! Simple! The left, unable to fight for the people, this space taken up by the mafia’s agents , will lose credibility & once the people’s angst is under remote control, the entire country cd be privatised.

With no real voice to oppose, every poor man’s cry for help can be dubbed terrorist & stopped for ever. By then, we will be at decisive war with our neighbours & wd be critically dependent on the West for military & diplomatic support. By then, every capital holder & its middle-class employees wd be one with the west & cultural warriors for capital. The difference between this class & the rest of humanity, about 70% of them wd be so high that they wd termed mutant & annihilated to save the human race.

The whole world wd be rich & glorius!

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