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Who paid for the two crore SMS messages were sent by India Against Corruption campaign?

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In an interview to The Hindu (31 August 2011), Arvind Kejriwal says “In March, we sent out two crore SMS messages”. Very well, But how much does sending two crore SMS messages cost? So who paid for the two crore SMS messages sent by India Against Corruption (IAC) campaign? Was it a telecom company, IAC, no social movement in India has that kind of money, so who was the funder or sponsor. . .? And where did they buy or obtain bulk mobile phone numbers lists for sending the SMS’s who were the providers and who paid was it all IAC money?


Jindal Aluminium contributed 20 lakh, says India Against Corruption

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The Times of India, 15 April 2011

Hazare’s Lokpal Campaign Cost Over 50 Lakh

Jindal Aluminium contributed 20 lakh, says India Against Corruption


Under attack from political parties over funding of Anna Hazare’s campaign for the Lokpal Bill, India Against Corruption, the umbrella organisation that steered the crusade, has released details of expenditure and said all civil society members of the joint drafting committee will declare their assets and liabilities on Friday.
Two days before the first meeting of the joint drafting committee, India Against Corruption issued a detailed press statement on the expense incurred. It said that so far, IAC received a total donation of . 82.88 lakh. So far, . 50.18 lakh have been spent. IAC spent . 32.70 lakh for a rally on January 30 and Hazare’s indefinite fast campaign. Of this, the maximum expense, about . 9.47 lakh, was incurred for tent, bedding, sound system and hall booking. The press statement said, “as part of India Against Corruption’s crusade, it is imperative that a complete account of fund sources are disclosed as well as donation details provided. We have received a total donation amounting to . 82,87,668. We have issued receipts to all the donors and have maintained a record of their details. We issued receipts on account of Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF) which is acting as secretariat for the campaign.”

IAC received donations of . 5,000 to . 20 lakh from 102 donors with Jindal Aluminium giving the maximum single donation of . 20 lakh. About . 7.35 lakh were collected from 2,871 donors giving less than . 5,000.

IAC has been under attack over the source of funding of Hazare’s campaign, which caught the fancy of the middle-class and the youth. Congress has made oblique references to it being an RSS-funded crusade. Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh had suggested on Tuesday that keeping in the highest traditions of transparency the joint committee members should declare their financial assets. IAC said on Thursday that all five civil society members — Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and Santosh Hegde — will have a meeting on Friday to discuss the issues to be raised in the committee meeting on Saturday. They will also release a statement of their assets and liabilities after the Friday meeting.
The civil society members are likely to discuss the issues that they would like to take up in the first committee meeting. Speaking to ET, Kejriwal said, “we want to discuss what to flag in the meeting on Saturday. There is no agenda to the first meeting. We expect it to set the procedure to be followed by the committee. The government has also not sent any agenda.”

The civil society members want to have public consultations. “We would want to do a lot of public consultations. But we have to decide how many, where and with whom,” Kejriwal said. The members are absolutely firm on their demand to have all proceedings of the committee videographed. Though it has been rejected by the government, activists want “absolute transparency.”

Arvind Kejriwal said, “we want all proceedings to be videographed. We are firm about this. The CDs should be made available and whoever demands it should get the CD. We want this transparent functioning because tomorrow people can ask the members what is your accountability? This will encourage candour and the members will speak on merit. Politics will play less role.”

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